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Using only one button, navigate your way through the circles of hell, facing off against demons and obstacles themed after the sins of each of the circles. Each time you press space, your character rotates through one of three movement abilities - dash, jump, and grapple, in that order. Time your spacebar presses perfectly to get through hell and its many deadly challenges, from exploding demons to pouncing succubi, and maybe meet the devil himself (in the DLC). Hold the spacebar until the circle is full to perform the most powerful version of your ability. This game was made in Unity for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2019 jam by Leo Robles (Designer), Cam Howell (Artist), and Rachel Haub (Programmer). Special thanks to Sebastian Forslund for the use of his song Let It Out (Instrumental Version).

To navigate the menus: hold space to cycle through the options, tap space on the option you wish to select.


DaemonoFINALBuild.zip 37 MB

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